Why Talent Assessment
Frequently Asked Questions

The use of talent assessment tools linked throughout hiring, development and succession decisions is critical to building a sustainable and exceptional talent pipeline. Our proven, scientific assessments of candidate competencies, skills, and behaviors help clients hire the right employees from the start, while linking assessment data throughout the talent life cycle to drive better post-hire decisions about development programs, performance management, and succession paths.

Our assessment solutions and tools are based on current psychometric research, business competency models, behavioral styles, inherent motivators, and cognitive structures. Written in language tailored to the business professional, XBInsight Talent Assessment solutions allow executives, managers, HR professionals, coaches and mentors to implement highly individualized action and development plans that deliver better recruitment, engagement, performance and retention of valued talent.

XBInsight’s in-depth assessments address four key areas essential to understanding successful job performance and core fit. These four components of the PAVE model are the essential pieces for employee excellence.

  • Performance — Skills and work-related tasks that make up an individual’s set of competencies.
  • Approach — Behavior sets that define how a person navigates the work environment.
  • Values — Set of motivators that determine job fit and job success in the employer’s culture.
  • Explanation — Critical thinking skills that determine how on-the-job problems are analyzed.

Performance or competencies along with explanation or critical thinking skills together provide an indication of how an individual will perform on the job. Values and behavior components offer insight into the avenues an individual will take to achieve job satisfaction and job fit.

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