Developing High-Performing Employees through Exceptional Coaching & Training

The XBInsight Talent Assessment System is designed to provide solutions and tools to apply throughout an individual’s employment lifecycle. When it comes to developing high-performing employees and building a leadership pipeline, a targeted and research-based approach to coaching/training is the most impactful way to deliver results.

With over 25 years of coaching and training thousands of leaders across the country, we can provide a clear picture of an individual’s strengths and gaps needed for development or promotions. Our coaching solutions are customized to the individual’s learning preferences, and aligned with skill and behavioral requirements of the position and the company.

Skilled XB coaches are the best in the field with expansive corporate experience. Our business, strategy, and leadership development coaching put the skills they’ve honed over many years into the hands of our clients.

With our expert team of coaches and trainers and a unique arsenal of more than 50 products, we customize a specific approach for each of our clients – and deliver measurable results. Key tools include:

XBInsight Development Assessment

XBInsight Development Assessment is a competency-based tool that provides critical insight into the competencies, behaviors, values and thinking styles of the individual talent within your organization. Use it to:

  • Examine the strengths and weaknesses of an individual or team to provide customized suggestions for development and communication strategies.
  • Help managers identify specific areas for optimal growth of each individual or team.
  • Provide action plans tailored to each individual or team.
  • Include specific suggestions to foster the development of each individual.
  • Use as a guide to manage and support each individual by defining potential areas of growth, assess leadership potential, encourage development of teams, plan for succession, and coach and train.
  • Integrate and align executive teams to establish collective goals and objectives, and better understanding of what’s needed to optimize the group’s performance, and each other as a whole.

360 Feedback Assessment

The XBInsight 360 Feedback Assessment is designed to maximize the use of feedback data for individual coaching and growth development. An analysis of the feedback from the diverse group of people an employee works with, including management, colleagues, clients, and the individual receiving feedback provides valuable clarity and insight into developmental areas.

The assessment can be conducted via personal interviews, or online and is customized to the person who is receiving the feedback. Once completed, an XBInsight coach works with the individual to create tangible and measureable action plans for change. The action plan is reviewed on a regular basis to determine growth and development.


Team DISC Report

Conflicts often arise on teams because of differences in decision-making and problem-solving approaches. These conflicts can be eliminated through effective, targeted coaching programs. Using the XBInsight DISC Report to highlight individual strengths and the contributions of each team member is a powerful way to identify overall team strengths and areas to improve through coaching and training.

Executive Coaching

XBInsight’s executive coaching program has been utilized in over 40 industries. We bring our trademark in-depth approach to the executive coaching process, working with senior leaders by helping them to accomplish their goals and advance their careers. As part of the overall development plan that is established in every coaching engagement, we work one-on-one with each leader on their plan to maximize their strengths and effectiveness as a leader.

In our industry-leading executive coaching process:

  • Each client is assigned from the outset a client services director who manages the process and serves as a liaison between XBInsight coaches and the client company.
  • Before the first coaching session, the participant is asked to complete a confidential intake form. He or she will also be asked to complete an XBInsight Leadership Development Assessment.
  • The XBInsight coach works with the participant in the first two weeks of an engagement to finalize a coaching plan. The participant and his or her manager will then finalize the coaching goals.
  • The plan will be reviewed with the participant’s manager and the Human Resource partner (if appropriate) in a scheduled meeting.
  • Each coaches’ progress is assessed monthly.
  • Coaching accomplishments are provided to the company each quarter.