Effective Onboarding for Employees & Executives Leads to Immediate Engagement & Productivity

Once the right hire has been made, effectively and efficiently onboarding a new executive or employee can deliver benefits to the organization, including:

  • Foster immediate employee engagement, commitment and confidence.
  • Shorten the time to full productivity output.
  • Reduce potential turnover.

Employee Onboarding Process

  • XBInsight Talent Assessment

    The XBInsight talent assessment system follows a candidate from hire to onboarding, offering technology solutions to help develop and implement effective employee onboarding processes. Utilizing the Candidate Assessment Report  competency results, hiring managers have a customized onboarding tool that provides focus on the training and development areas needed to ensure immediate success.

  • Development Assessment Tool

    Our Development Assessment tool gives managers a tangible approach for defining the skill set of new hires, and identifies specific areas for optimal growth and potential skill gaps needed for development.