Employee Succession Planning: Develop a Pipeline of Successful Leadership Succession

Demographic changes, talent wars, and today’s business landscape all point to a growing need for companies to invest in succession planning. An organization’s performance and livelihood will depend largely on the ability to identify, accelerate, cultivate and retain leadership talent.

Employee Succession Planning

The XBInsight Talent Assessment System is the only of its kind to track and apply assessment data and performance history as high performers move up through the organization. Our system identifies leadership potential faster, advances individual growth and development, and prepares future leaders more effectively.

All of our leadership assessment solutions are customized to each organization, taking into account specific business goals, and the unique skills, knowledge, attributes and experience leaders need to succeed within each individual company.

The XBInsight leadership and executive coaching program assists in readying employees to take on the next leadership position, and ensuring seamless transition of key C-suite promotions and transitions. Our succession planning solutions help companies ensure their long-term success by identifying the right employees with potential for leadership promotions, and charting a detailed, data-driven course to get them there.

Simply put, by understanding the competencies, skills, and gaps of your existing employees, and benchmarking those against the job profile requirements and skills needed for executive positions, we deliver our clients a robust, top-performing pipeline of leadership talent.

  • XBInsight Leadership Development Assessment

    The XBInsight Leadership Development Assessment is a competency-based tool that provides insight into the competencies, behaviors, values and critical thinking skills of the leadership-position talent within your organization. The tool specifically assesses employees’ leadership skills and capabilities against what is required for each unique management or executive position. Our Leadership Development Assessment is a tangible, data-driven decision-making tool to ensure the right decisions are being made in developing leadership talent.

  • 360° Feedback Assessment

    The XBInsight 360° Feedback Assessment is used in succession planning and management by evaluating the skills and performance of managers and leaders, as assessed by the feedback from direct reports, peers and management. The feedback assessment provides valuable clarity and insight into specific leadership skill development, coaching and training solutions, and performance management solutions, for each individual employee.

  • Team DISC Report

    A key aspect of leadership positions is the ability to manage and execute effective, high-performing teams to drive business results. Using the XBInsight Team DISC Report, companies can assess their potential leadership talent on their ability to contribute and take part in team environments, to manage and execute change, and identify their strengths and gaps in leading and developing impactful teams, and establishing good working relationships with peers and team members.

  • Executive Coaching

    XBInsight’s executive coaching program has been in over 40 industries. We bring our trademark in-depth approach to the executive coaching process, working with senior leaders by helping them to accomplish their goals and advance their careers. As part of the overall coaching plan that is established in every coaching engagement, we work one-on-one with each leader on their plan to maximize their strengths and effectiveness as a leader.