Your Strategic Performance Management System: A Data-Driven Roadmap

Strategic Performance Management System

Today’s business environment mandates a workforce that delivers high productivity, profitability and performance levels. This can be an employer’s biggest challenge. Keeping employees engaged and motivated to perform their best is largely dependent on aligning their values, motivations, and competencies with their current role and strategic priorities of the company.

The XBInsight performance management assessment system uses the same measurements that were applied during the hiring process to continue tracking performance and skill development of individuals. The Performance Evaluation Report  can be used on its own, or exported into a clients’ applicant tracking system, and provides:

  • Data-Based Roadmap

    A data-based roadmap for developing, training and maximizing employee performance.

  • Competency Reports

    Assessment of an employees’ core competencies, strengths and skill gaps.

  • Performance Management

    An enhanced performance management process, that can be tracked and measured over time.