Hire the Right Talent with a Strong Recruitment Process

Talent management is critical to achieving exceptional business performance, and overall excellence in talent management begins with recruiting. The cost of a wrong hire is well-documented, and can waste valuable time and money.

XBInsight’s talent assessment system ensures a company’s recruitment process begins with finding the right candidate for the job. It is the only system on the market that measures four independent, yet intertwined factors, in one report – measuring a candidate against successful job performance criteria and cultural fit for particular jobs.

Our system can directly and dramatically improve recruitment of long-term, successful hires and reduce costly turnover and performance loss. Components of the talent recruitment system include:

Job Profile Report
The XBInsight Job Profile identifies core competencies, values, behaviors, critical thinking skills and work environment factors that are important to a particular job based on the hiring manager’s or subject matter expert (SME) ratings. The report is used to assess the likelihood of success for a particular job.

The Job Profile Report:

  • Provides descriptions of the key talents and experience a potential hire needs to possess to be successful in the job.
  • Provides interview questions tailored to the job.
  • May be used to create or update job descriptions.

Performance Evaluation Report

The Performance Evaluation Report is a critical step in the talent recruitment process to better select hires aligned with individual job performance requirements, manager and team fit, and the strategic priorities for your organization.

Measured against defined, industry-standard job profile benchmarks, a performance evaluation can be determined for employees, providing their managers valuable insight and data to measure and track progress.

Candidate Assessment Report

The XBInsight Candidate Assessment compares a candidate to the job criteria defined in the Job Profile. The talent assessment is completed by a candidate for selection purposes. It provides a detailed, easy to interpret comparison for how a candidate scores against top competencies, values and critical thinking skills defined as important to the job.

Multiple Candidate Assessment Report

Allows companies to compare candidates according to the criteria defined by the job profile including:

  • The top 12 competencies established in the profile.
  • Critical thinking skills essential to the job.
  • The 3 most important values for job success.