Courageous Accountability

Difficult conversations are a fact of life in any workplace, and tackling them gracefully certainly requires courage. Courageous Accountability follows up on the framework from Courageous Conversations, which taught participants how to navigate through difficult conversations, based on the Crucial Conversations model. Even if you’re Captain of the ship, navigating a difficult conversation is not always easy, and does not always go as planned. The unfortunate consequences of a conversation like this include violated expectations, broken commitments, and bad behavior.

In Courageous Accountability, the focus is on building the courage and skills to hold others accountable for their actions, once damage has already been done.

During this workshop, participants will learn:

  • To find the “courage” to start the conversation to address situations in which they have concern. In other words, stop being a part of the silent majority.
  • How to employ coaching skills in order to hold a motivating accountability discussion that addresses the core issues, sets expectations and helps others take action and keep commitments.
  • To manage through the truly tough situations such as confronting authority, breaking from the pack, and working from hearsay.
  • To enhance their accountability skills, improve performance and ensure execution, by using a simple, practical, and memorable framework.