Courageous Conversations

XBInsight’s Courageous Conversations training will help individuals hold deeper, more honest conversations that cultivate teamwork, build connected relationships, and create a new level of trust and collaboration.

During this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn and apply the specific skills and approach required to be effective in having courageous conversations.
  • Recognize individual tendencies when under stress; identify personal strengths and development areas in conducting courageous conversations.
  • Discover ways to regain balance and inject respect into stressful conversations.
  • Acquire strategies for mitigating aggression, defensiveness, and clearing up misconceptions.
  • Understand methods to remain focused on goal and outcomes vs. letting emotions drive actions and responses.

Participants can expect to be more comfortable and confident communicating in difficult situations, while preserving relationships. They will build their knowledge and skills dealing with challenging people, communication breakdowns, and reduce conflict in their life.