The Skills of Innovative Leaders

In a knowledge economy, innovation is critical to drive growth, new products, and new methods of delivering value to customers. Yet, despite its importance, innovation is a difficult quality to identify and cultivate both in leaders and in organizations.

In this comprehensive program, participants will learn practical strategies to build innovation. Additionally, this session will further participants ability to lead with innovation, and drive innovative mindsets and behaviors among their teams. Innovation is a competency, and much like other competencies, it can be built. Participants will develop a keen understanding of these competencies, along with strategies and steps to develop innovation skills and how to scale innovation at their organization.


During this workshop, participants will also learn to:

  • Define the five skill areas shared by innovative leaders, and how to develop them.
  • Explore practical approaches to develop and scale innovation with their team.
  • Identify and understand a key difference between invention and innovation.
  • Discover techniques to facilitate creative thinking with their team.