Influence Without Direct Authority

In today’s workplace, one of the most essential leadership skills is personal influence. Without influence, sales representatives cannot add true value to the direction and strategy of their organization, nor will any business initiative or goal succeed without it.

Research tells us that effective influence requires specific competencies and skills, including the ability to:

  • Present compelling rationale to support one’s position.
  • Positively assert oneself and ideas.
  • Effectively persuade others to take a course of action.
  • Find common ground and points of agreement.
  • Build a common mission with which the team can identify.
  • Gain genuine commitment from others.

Participants in this workshop will acquire these specific skills and behaviors which are necessary to achieving high-impact results without relying upon the use of authority.

During this workshop, participants will learn:

  • To develop the ability to flex communication styles to fit a particular audience, and learn to connect, not just communicate.
  • Tactics to help build personal brand and credibility to effectively influence others.
  • How to discover the difference between influencing and authority, and how to have conversations that generate a new perspective and shift mindsets.
  • To create an action plan to cultivate their overall effectiveness as an influencer.