3C Team Effectiveness Workshop

Through extensive scientific research and analyzing data from thousands of teams, XBInsight has developed an approach and methodology to allow teams to diagnose and improve their functioning. XBInsight’s 3C Team Effectiveness workshop provides information on the team’s climate, the team’s capacity for innovation, and the team’s ability to achieve results.

XBInsight’s 3C Team Effectiveness Workshop can be used for:

1.Teams that are early in their formation.

2.Teams that are trying to improve their teamwork.

3.High-performing teams that want to understand how to take their teamwork to the next level.

From executive teams and project teams to marketing and sales teams, team structures are vital to the way most organizations organize and deliver their work. However, all teams are not created equal. A key distinguisher among successful companies is their ability to create and maintain high-performing, effective work teams. The 3C Team Effectiveness program will assist you in  uncovering your team strengths and development opportunities that will lead to a realistic, concrete action plan for building a high-performance team.