Communicate to Connect

Understanding the DISC language increases effectiveness and allows employees to gain an understanding of their behavioral styles and the styles of their peers.  Each participant will gain an understanding of how they communicate, how they are perceived, how others communicate, and how to communicate to those people.  The workshop includes an individual assessment for each participant.

The most successful employees recognize that they need to use a variety of strategies or approaches to fit each individual’s unique style. Any employee can become more effective by using communication strategies that are based on recognizing and respecting individual differences. This includes getting to know how their colleagues like to be communicated to and interacted with. In this session, participants will learn how to identify each behavioral style and methods for adapting their approach to enhance communication and results. Customized case studies and role plays will be created and used throughout the session.

During this workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Understand behavioral styles and how they influence each individual; as well, how strengths and overextensions impact communication.
  • Identify each unique behavioral style and knowing how to use it to communicate effectively.
  • Implement strategies for adapting their communication to each behavioral style.