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Competency Profile

The XBInsight Competency profile is based on the Performs portion of the PAVE model.  It was designed to be used for both selection and development purposes. Understanding what competencies an individual performs at “below average”, “average” and “above average” levels is useful for selecting capable employees, as well as identifying important areas for development.

Behavioral Profile

The XBInsight Behavior Profile is based on the Approach portion of the PAVE model. XBInsight’s Behavioral Model measures how individuals will approach problems and challenges. The model is used to teach employees at all levels, how to recognize another person’s communication style and to more effectively communicate with others.

Values & Motivation Profile

The Values and Motivation Profile is developed from the Values portion of the PAVE model and provides insight into the strongest influences on an individual’s decisions and actions. With a thorough understanding of values; managers and employees gain important insight into the type of work and the culture that motivates each person.

Critical Thinking Profile

The Critical Thinking Profile refers to the Explains aspect of the PAVE model and assesses the extent to which various aspects of critical thinking are important for the specific profiled job. Critical thinking measures an individual’s ability to solve problems, be innovative and analyze information. Understanding an individual’s thinking style helps to explain how an individual approaches and completes vital tasks.

Job Profile Report

The XBInsight Job Profile identifies core competencies, values, critical thinking skills  and work environment features that are important to a particular job based on the hiring managers or subject matter expert (SME) ratings.

Candidate Assessment Report

The XBInsight Candidate Assessment compares a candidate to the job criteria defined in the Job Profile. The assessment is completed by a candidate for selection purposes. It provides a detailed, easy to interpret comparison for how a candidate scores against top competencies, values and critical thinking skills defined as important to the job.

Development Assessment Report

XBInsight Development Assessment is a competency-based tool that provides critical insight into the competencies, behaviors, values and thinking styles of the individual talent within your organization. The components included in the development report provide a comprehensive overview of the strengths and development opportunities of each individual employee.

Performance Evaluation Report

The XBInsight talent assessment system uses the same measurements that were applied during the hiring process to continue tracking performance and skill development of individuals. The Performance Evaluation Report can be used on its own, or exported into a clients’ applicant tracking system

360° Feedback Assessment

The 360° Feedback Assessment was designed by XBInsight to maximize the use of feedback data for individual growth and development. An analysis of the feedback from people a person works with, including management, colleagues, clients, and the individual receiving the feedback, will result in a clear picture.

Multiple Candidate Report

Perhaps even more difficult than finding a qualified candidate, is identifying the best fit among multiple potential hires. How do you figure out which one is the right candidate? Utilizing our Multiple Candidate Assessment Report, hiring managers can unequivocally identify the person with the best fit for the position, team, and company.

Team Report

The XBInsight Team Report displays the preferred behavioral style scores of an entire team into one report to provide an all-encompassing representation of the team. It provides information to evaluate overall team strengths and how each person contributes to the team. In addition, teams can identify any missing components, and determine how each team member can compensate for that area.

Team DISC Report

The XBInsight Team DISC Report to highlight individual strengths and the contributions of each team member is a powerful way to foster understanding and collaboration. The report can also be used as a tool to identify individual strengths and how those strengths contribute to the team as a whole.