The Team

Talent That Delivers the Business and Experience You Can’t Get From Science Alone

XBInsight’s coaches and trainers deliver the business and experience you can’t get from science alone. Our experts apply our industry-leading talent assessment data to the real world business environment, drawing from their deep and diverse range of business-related specialties. Our team includes some of the best minds in the business and assessment fields, serving thousands of clients between them. Their areas of expertise include business strategy, sales and marketing training, leadership development, mentoring, talent management, human resources, customer service, keynote speaking, and in the creation of new corporate divisions and departments. Our staff of professional advisors has extensive experience assisting companies during mergers and acquisitions to ensure the right people are in the right roles to facilitate a smooth transition and immediately drive performance.

Katherine Graham-Leviss
President and Founder
President and Founder, Kathi Graham-Leviss, is a leading expert and voice in the burgeoning talent analytics field and era of Big Data in HR.
Loretta A. Penn
Executive Coach
Loretta Penn brings over twenty-five years of leadership experience at the executive level and is a highly experienced and successful executive coach and consultant.
MaryEllen Towle, M.ED.
Executive Coach
MaryEllen Towle, M.Ed. brings a unique and powerful perspective to the work of sales and sales management talent selection and development.
Rick Crawshaw
Executive Coach
Rick Crawshaw has an intuitive understanding of people and human behavior and is a seasoned executive himself with over thirty years of experience in business.
Joyce Ceconi
Executive Coach
Joyce Ceconi is a highly successful, senior-level executive with over 30 years of professional experience in sales, organizational leadership, coaching, developing high-performance teams.
Lesa Francis
Executive Coach
Recognized as one of the highest rated CEOs nationwide, Lesa J. Francis brings 30+ years of experience leading teams and companies to success.
Alastair Robertson
Executive Coach
Alastair Robertson is a global leadership expert with hands-on experience providing “business strategy-based” leadership programs for Fortune 1000 companies.
Mike Smith
Executive Coach
Mike Smith combines nearly 30 years of experience leading and advising some of the world’s most respected brands with a passion for coaching and guiding leaders and teams to success.
Alison Farmer
Executive Coach
Alison Farmer brings 25 years of corporate management and leadership experience across a range of industries to her role as executive coach. Having worked with over 100 senior leaders, she has a successful track record in delivering tangible and transformational results.
Mary Lucas
Executive Coach
Mary brings more than 35 years’ experience in the staffing industry, having climbed the corporate ladder from an entry-level recruiter role to a C-suite position. Her extensive knowledge and expertise includes sales, marketing, operations, training, service delivery, talent acquisition, and organizational and executive coaching.
Cindy Keaveney
Executive Coach
With 30+ years of corporate experience, Cindy specializes in building, transforming, and growing organizations in complex, changing environments. She believes in the power of awareness and choice and embeds that framework into her executive coaching.
Susan Van Klink - Executive Coach, XB Insight
Susan Van Klink
Executive Coach
Sue is a corporate executive, strategic advisor, and executive coach focused on helping executives succeed in work and in life. An author, speaker, and podcaster, she helps people manage life shifts when they happen and speaks on topics such as talent, leadership, and DEIB.
Cindy Fox
Director of Training
Cindy Fox has helped organizations achieve higher levels of performance and success using XBInsight assessment tools for the last decade.
Suzanne Milkos, PH.D.
IO Psychologist, PhD.
Playing a key role in the development of the XBInsight System, Dr. Suzanne Miklos has nearly two decades of consulting experience in talent management and executive coaching.
Sabrina Miller
Director of Client Services
Sabrina Miller has extensive experience in research, administration, and project management. She is responsible for day-to-day operations of XBInsight.
Sarah Garrity
Marketing Coordinator
Sarah Garrity has deep expertise in creating digital marketing strategies for both B2B and B2C companies. She is responsible for the strategic direction, management, and execution of all XBInsight marketing campaigns.
Michael Terry
President and CTO
Michael Terry has led Sanctuary Software Studio, XBInsight’s technology team for over 18 years, developing state of the art technologies to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the industry.
Joseph Sarkauskas
Senior Software Engineer
Joseph Sarkauskas is a software engineer with the Sanctuary Software Studio, XBInsight's technology team where, for more than 18 years, he has been instrumental in bringing innovative tech solutions to bear for our customers.