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What We Do

XBInsight’s talent assessments and services help organizations assess, predict and improve workforce performance, across the lifecycle: from recruitment and onboarding, through performance management, coaching and training, all the way to leadership succession. We help people and teams perform to their true potential.

Recruitment Assessments
Performance Management
Succession Planning Assessments

Latest Resources

What’s Missing From Today’s Executive Onboarding Program

XBInsight’s blog discusses the common pitfalls that derail effective onboarding programs, and how to create an improved, data driven program that will lead to future success.

Two Critical Factors in the Effective Use of Talent Assessments

82% of companies today are using some form of skill assessment test to find the best hires. Learn the two critical considerations when choosing and implementing a talent assessment solution.

How To Make The Perfect Sales Hire

Effective sales people are in high demand throughout the United States and across all industries. Learn how to ensure that your sales candidates are the right fit for your role and culture by using validated competency assessments.

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