About XBInsight

A Talent Assessment Company Like No Other

XBInsight is a sophisticated and innovative talent assessment company, and partner to the world’s leading companies, giving clients the actionable information they need to make smart people-decisions that drive business impact. We are the only company with an HR technology solution that integrates assessment data throughout the entire employment lifecycle – helping clients ensure the people they hire, and the people employed by the organization, are put in the right roles, are developed in the right ways, and are prepared for upcoming leadership challenges as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our proprietary technology measures a person’s critical thinking skills, competencies, values and behaviors, and produces a comprehensive profile of their potential within the company and position. Unique in the industry, but crucial to effective talent decisions, XBInsight then benchmarks each person against standards for the specific industry and role, and provides its clients with a data-driven, actionable roadmap for exceptional performance.

While rooted in science and psychology, XBInsight was founded by business people and designed for practical corporate applications. Because no two industries are alike, our assessment system is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We have worked in more than 50 industries and have robust data that allows us to customize our analysis based on the particular sector or specific job under consideration. We give customers an accurate, realistic assessment based on actual facts and circumstances.