pre employment assessment

XBL High-Volume Assessment Platform

Built for Today’s High-Volume Hiring Needs.

We’re transforming hiring with the scientific rigor and predictive power of an advanced assessment built for the speed and ease required for successful high-volume hiring today. With our validated candidate profiles for any high-volume role, you know what success looks like for the job and can objectively assess candidates to quickly pinpoint your best-fit hires.

Delivering Improved High-Volume Hiring Outcomes

The XBL High-Volume Assessment Platform gives you science-backed data and smart automation to make better hiring decisions, faster, and helps you achieve:


Faster time-to-fill


Reduction in turnover


Reduction in administrative burden

Empower Your Team with the Power of XBL.

Equip your high-volume recruiters with a powerful tool that quickly, automatically, and effectively
narrows their candidate pool to only those who are best qualified to perform the job today.

Reduce time-consuming, manual screening of candidates.

Only interview candidates who fit the validated job profile and skill requirements.

Create a more consistent, objective screening and hiring process.

Give recruiters an easy-to-interpret report to make more precise screening decisions.

Experience the Difference of XBL.

With our proven talent assessment, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed.
Learn more about our powerful XBL High-Volume Assessment Platform below or request a demo today.

Features of the XBL High-Volume Assessment Platform.

One assessment with multiple measurements customized by specific role and industry

Backed by 20+ years of scientific research & talent assessment industry leadership

24.7 candidate and
user accessibility

Client dashboards
with easy-to-use and
understand reporting

Developed by I/O psychologists, scientifically validated and tested

Easily integrates into any ATS or talent management system

Objective, bias-free hiring

Affordable, tiered pricing plans to match the cadence of your hiring needs