Succession Planning

A High Potential Assessment for Discovering Your Next Generation of Talent

An organization’s performance and livelihood will depend largely on the ability to identify, accelerate, cultivate, and retain talent. The right high potential assessment platform can help.

The XBInsight Talent Assessment System is the only of its kind to track and apply assessment data and performance history as high performers move up through the organization. Our system identifies potential talent faster, advances individual growth and development, and prepares your workforce for the future.

Customize your Approach

XBInsight succession plans are completely customized to your specific business goals. We account for the totality of skills, knowledge, attributes, and experience your team needs to elevate overall performance.

Enhance with Coaching

Succession planning shouldn’t happen in a vacuum. Leadership coaching complements our approach by readying employees for the next level and ensuring seamless C-suite transitions. As with all of our selection and development assessments, we chart a detailed, data-driven course to guide your current and future leaders.

Make your Move

A data-driven succession planning process offers invaluable benefits. XBInsight gives you: