Alastair Robertson

Executive Coach

Alastair Robertson is a global leadership expert with hands-on cross-cultural business experience who creates customized “business strategy-based” leadership programs for improving the performance of complex, Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. He has built and implemented many large scale training and development programs in leadership and team behavior change, in service of achieving enhanced corporate performance and business transformation across many industry sectors and countries.

Robertson’s esteemed career includes key roles at leading organizations such as, Pillsbury Corporation, Mars Inc. and Pepsico (KFC) before joining PA Consulting in London within its leadership development, change management, project management and technology strategy practices. He later joined Accenture to oversee their change navigation and leadership practice areas prior to commencing his 15-year consulting career.

He is considered a thought leader in his field, and is regularly sought after by the media and as a speaker on leadership issues. He has been featured on several national broadcast media outlets, including CNBC, Reuters, and National Public Radio and has been included in publications such as, Fortune Magazine, The Washington Post, and Financial Times.