3C Team Assessment

Team insights designed to unlock potential and inspire performance.

Based on scientific research from thousands of high performing teams, the XBInsight 3C Team Assessment diagnoses and improves how teams work together to reach their goals. The only assessment of its kind, the 3C report delivers deep insights and concrete actions that both individuals and organizations can immediately apply to strengthen team performance.

The 3C Team Assessment is the only model that measures a team’s current climate, capacity for innovation, and ability to achieve results. It examines the three fundamental elements that characterize exceptional teams: conditions, competence, and connectedness. Taken together, these measures uncover a team’s unique dynamics and provide an easy-to-understand and measurable roadmap to operate more effectively.

The 3C Team Assessment delivers realistic, concrete action plans based on a team’s unique strengths and opportunities to develop. It uses the skills and relationships within the team as a starting point to develop realistic strategies to reach optimal performance.