XBInsight 360 Feedback Assessment

Use robust feedback data to gain a clear picture of how an individual is perceived and pinpoint key development opportunities.

The 360° Feedback Assessment was designed by XBInsight to maximize the use of feedback data for individual growth and development. By gaining feedback from a range of stakeholders – including management, colleagues, clients and the individual receiving the feedback – a clear picture emerges of how the person’s talents, skills, competencies and personality traits are perceived by others. Using this feedback data and working with an XBInsight coach, a tangible, measurable Action Plan can be developed and implemented to identify and strengthen weaknesses and strengths of an individual to drive their success.

Using robust feedback data from multiple constituents, the 360 Feedback Assessment is an effective tool in maximizing an individual’s growth, development and performance. Gaining a clear picture of how an individual is perceived by others helps pinpoint key areas of strengths and areas of development opportunities.