XBInsight Team Assessment

Improve collaboration and teamwork with the XBInsight Team Assessment.

Develop high performing teams that recognize, understand and appreciate the different behavioral styles of each member, allowing for higher productivity, team cohesiveness and unprecedented performance levels by using the XBInsight Team Assessment.

After measuring and analyzing data from the Team Assessment, a robust report is developed to display the preferred behavioral style scores of an entire team, giving companies an all-encompassing representation of the team. The XBInsight Team Report includes powerful features, such as:

  • Easy-to-interpret graphs that visually represent the primary behavioral styles of team members in relation to each other.
  • The problem-solving and decision-making approach of all team members, providing insight into how different styles work best together to achieve results.
  • Strengths and overextensions of each team members’ behavioral style, delivering a holistic view of the overall team’s effectiveness and areas for improvement.
  • Communication preferences of team members, with detailed direction on how to approach different styles including key words and phrases that facilitate effective team communication.

Companies are increasingly recognizing the power of teams to help solve problems and to drive innovation for the organization. The XBInsight Team Assessment helps teams recognize and appreciate the behavioral styles of each member and how they work best together to achieve improved collaboration and results.