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Leading in a Virtual Environment

Are you wondering if your leadership style is effective virtually? Are your teams successfully adjusting to remote work? Leaders may struggle to maintain effective communication and keep their teams engaged without face-to-face interactions.

At XBInsight, we’re experts in delivering exceptional leadership development and coaching virtually. We’ve created an innovative training program to give your leaders and team members the insights and skills they need to avoid communication breakdowns, frustrations, and barriers to getting work done in a remote environment.

Part 1: Becoming a Strong Virtual Leader

In part one of our extensive training, you will learn how to build trust more rapidly and drive engagement among your remote team, allowing you to avoid “people problems” and focus on getting the work done instead. Each participant will:

Part 2: Building Remote Effectiveness

In part two of this powerful training, you will gain a better understanding of your team members’ innate preferences and tendencies, giving you key insights into the type of support they will need and what challenges may deter them from successfully working from a remote location. Your team will: