Talent Assessment System

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A unique talent assessment platform that turns the promise of talent into practical results.

Our assessment tools and services help organizations assess, predict and improve workforce performance across the lifecycle:

• Recruitment & Onboarding  • Performance Management
• Coaching & Training • Leadership Succession

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Identify and select best-fit candidates for the job and your company culture.


Improve time-to-productivity and new hire engagement.

Strategic Performance Management System


Deliver competency-based development plans that help people reach their performance potential.


Link competency, skills and behavioral assessment data to support better communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.


Identify those who are best prepared for leadership, to build the highest quality executive succession pipelines.

Intelligent Talent Solutions

Seasoned in the science of assessment.  Built by business people to power results.

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Unprecedented Success Delivered

Leading organizations trust XBInsight with their critical assessment and performance challenges.

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