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XBInsight’s unique Advanced Talent Assessment System provides organizations the ability to assess, predict and enable workforce performance beginning with initial hire and progressing through the talent life cycle. This game-changing assessment approach provides a streamlined view of talent analytics while ensuring all decisions made throughout the employment life cycle are data-driven, scientifically-backed and performance-driving.  Read More


Pre-hire assessment data facilitates the selection of best-fit candidates for the job and the company culture.


Data gathered in pre-hire assessment helps guide on-boarding process to improve time-to-productivity and new hire engagement.


Employee evaluations throughout career progression to ensure alignment with competency development plans and achieve performance potential.


Linking competency, skills and behavioral assessment data to enhance communication abilities, build successful teams, and develop leadership skills.


Scientifically-backed method of identifying workers ready for leadership or those in need of further development to build effective succession pipelines.

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