A Better Way to Staff Your Staffing Firm

As a leader in the staffing sector, you know all too well the importance of finding the best-fit hires for your clients. But, what about your own staff? Does your staffing firm believe having high turnover of recruiters and professional staff is just “part of the business?”

As a trusted assessment partner to some of the world’s largest staffing organizations, we know the unique challenges of staffing a staffing firm. We’ve heard time and again sentiments, such as “you can’t ever tell until you get them on the desk,” or “it’s impossible to predict if a candidate has the motivation to be successful in this business.” Sound familiar? What if you could better assess and predict a candidate’s fit based on more 300+ roles in the staffing sector?


Introducing the XBL Assessment built for staffing companies…

The XBL assessment is a customized talent assessment tailored specifically to jobs within the staffing industry. Based on data and backed by science, we’ve built an assessment that drives better-informed decisions when building your internal staff. It allows you to identify those who can do the job today, so you can invest your time on pre-qualified, right-fit talent and fill vacant positions at a higher velocity. Created with volume hiring in mind, the XBL assessment is:


  • Based on assessments of 300+ roles in the staffing sector
  • Customized to staffing-specific roles
  • Available to candidates at any time
  • Easy for recruiters to administer and interpret
  • Automated



Want to learn more about the XBL Assessment System? Download our white paper or contact us today.