Assessment Providers: One of These Things is Not Like the Other

648x284_WBS_thoughtl_Employee-Benefits-IQ.pngTalent analytics, informed decision-making, and big data have become mainstream as more and more companies are seeing the tremendous benefits to being “smarter” about how they hire new talent. Alongside the widespread trend, is a growing number of providers looking to supply the increased demand for assessment solutions. But, as we know, more isn’t always better. Here are five characteristics of assessment partners you need to consider in order to separate credible, quality vendors from opportunistic ones.

Quality of Assessments

There are a few things to look for when evaluating assessment tools and solutions. How long is the assessment? Is their solution based on sound, proven theories in partnership with I/O psychologists? Does the vendor offer proven content and data to show it works?

Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid being enticed by the short assessment offering big promises or a 10-minute assessment that claims to measure 30 competencies. How accurate or effective can an assessment be that asks five questions to measure a competency?

Look for a partner that offers in-depth assessments that more accurately measures hundreds of foundational and functional competencies.

Are the Assessments Science-Backed?

Credible and quality assessment providers have invested time and resources into developing scientifically-sound tools and solutions. This is typically accomplished by partnering with Industrial or Organizational Psychologists whose discipline is to develop effective and proven tests and assessments.

As you look for an assessment partner, be sure to determine if their solutions are valid and scientifically backed by I/O psychology principles and practices.

Are they Easily Customized, without a Steep Price Tag?

Be cautious of the two extremes of the spectrum when it comes to talent assessment providers – the “off-the-shelf” assessment that offers no customization for your position or organization, and the provider that offers extensive customization but with lengthy timeframes at a high cost.

For talent assessments to be effective and more accurate, they should be customized in some way to the position you are hiring for, the industry, and your specific organization. Ideal assessment partners utilize a technology platform that allows for easy configuration, and will offer this customization as part of their typical pricing and deliverables.

Is the System and its Reports Easy to Use and Interpret?

No matter how great a technology system may be, if it is challenging to use and the reporting may as well be in Latin, what use will it be? Be sure to ask for a demo of the assessment providers’ system in order to determine how easy it is to navigate, and if the reports are understandable.

Best-in-class assessment providers have embedded business and HR experience and knowledge, and have created reports with business-people in mind.

What Level of Service Do They Offer?

Service and support is important when choosing any vendor, and talent assessment partnerships is no different. You want a provider that is responsive to your needs, available when you need them, and flexible. Talent management is crucial to any company’s bottom line, and a partner who understands that and responds timely to any issues you may have is important.

Is the assessment company too large to provide personal, rapid support? Ask potential assessment partners to provide references of current clients to gain a first-hand account as to their level of customer service.

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