Hiring Top Sales Professionals Doesn’t Have to Feel Like Chasing a Unicorn


When you think about talent functions that can make or break a business, the sales team is at the top of that list. While all employees play an important role in a company’s success, it is the organization’s sales professionals that directly drive revenue. In turn, a lot rides on the ability to hire effective, top-performing sales people who best fit the company’s culture and business goals.

However, for many enterprises, hiring the best sales people can feel like chasing a unicorn. Do they even exist? Why is it so often that businesses hire professionals with excellent sales experience and performance on paper, only to find six months later they just aren’t performing or fitting in? The key to hiring high performance sales people is to know exactly what competencies, values, and motivations make a sales person successful in your unique organization, and assess candidates against those factors.

Who Has the Potential to be a Top Performing Sales Person?

XBInsight has identified key behaviors and motivators that set top performing salespeople apart from others. Assessment data from hundreds of sales positions has been analyzed to uncover competencies, values and motivations that are common among high-performing sales professionals.

They Look Like a Unicorn, but Will They Perform Like a Unicorn in Your Organization?

You know a candidate has all the right competencies, values, critical thinking and motivations to show potential as a top sales performer. But you also need to know what type of person will perform best in your organization’s unique sales environment.

Benchmarking the sales position in your organization is crucial to knowing who will succeed best in the role. Simply put, you want to identify what works in the position so you can replicate it. Conducting sales assessments can generate a job profile for the sales positions within your organization, identifying the values, competencies, motivations and critical thinking skills that your top performers have in common. This “blueprint” can be applied to guide what to look for in potential candidates, and improve your accuracy at hiring top performers that drive organizational success.

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