Modernize & Optimize Your High-Volume Hiring Approach

Is hiring at scale a priority for your organization this year? Whether expanding your business, meeting peak or seasonal demands, or building a new team, hiring high volumes of talent can come with many challenges and traditional recruiting methods alone won’t cut it. 

While the use of data and analytics in recruiting isn’t new, what is evolving is the use of advanced talent assessments to make hiring strategies more precise and hiring teams more agile, specifically in a high-volume recruiting environment. 

In a high-volume hiring environment, precise talent decision-making is often compromised due to the pressure to fill positions quickly. For many organizations, talent assessments either aren’t on their radar, or they are reserved for specialized, higher-level positions that are often perceived as providing greater value for the company. However, much of high-volume hiring is focused on finding qualified frontline employees, from call center agents, recruiters, and retail store clerks to sales agents – often the first and/or only connection with the customer. 

But, for high-volume hiring, the challenges can be even greater than for those of higher-level positions, requiring an entirely different set of tools and strategies than traditional recruiting. For many hiring teams, attaining success with high-volume recruiting often comes at the expense of time-consuming, manual, and often-subjective review of thousands of applications for every open position. In fact, according to one LinkedIn Study, the average recruiter currently spends up to 30 hours of their 40-hour week focusing on administrative work instead of candidates. In addition, the same study shows that the average role took 36 days to fill, yet top candidates are only on the market for an average of 10 days.

You Don’t Need More Candidates, You Need Better Ones – Faster.

Fortunately, there is an effective means available to companies with a need to hire quickly and at scale without sacrificing quality and best fit. For example, the latest innovation from XBInsight – the XBL High Volume Assessment Platform – is transforming hiring with the scientific rigor and predictive power of an advanced assessment built for the speed and specific job profiles required for successful volume hiring today. 

Unlike typical pre-employment testing tools that measure personality or risk behavior, XBL is an assessment of competencies and critical thinking skills in one easy-to-administer, automated tool that benchmarks the exact skills that predict success in any high-volume role. 

Capable of being customized to any industry or job type, this scalable talent assessment solution can be sent and completed at any time, day or night – at home or on a mobile device – to individual candidates or to multiple candidates to assess simultaneously. Recruiters then receive an easy-to-interpret report that precisely identifies the best-qualified candidates, requiring no training or analysis before moving them on to future steps of the hiring process. The ability to assess multiple candidates at one time saves valuable time and effort, giving you a stacked ranking and comparison of potential interviewees and hires.

Further value is delivered at the interview phase with targeted and tailored questions based on a candidate’s assessment results and the skills most important to the job, helping interviewers zero in on the competencies and areas that are most critical to success. 

These features of the XBL High Volume Assessment Platform make the entire scope of the screening and hiring process better, faster, and cheaper because HR teams are only investing time in the right candidates for the position.

New Hiring Environment Requires a New Approach.

Why Talent Assessments Make Sense for Today's High-Volume Hiring Environment

Competing priorities, changing labor market dynamics, and productivity demands means today’s talent acquisition professionals are often overworked and under stress to deliver improved hiring outcomes – particularly in a high-volume staffing environment. At the same time, many organizations are looking to build more diverse workforces and asking recruiters to identify and include a broader diversity of candidates. 

The XBL High Volume Assessment Platform helps solve both these challenges and empower a more satisfied and effective HR team. The robust dashboards, easy to interpret reports, and intelligent automation of XBL eases the job for hiring teams by reducing manual, time-consuming tasks while equipping them with the objective, science-driven data and insights they need to meet and exceed their key performance goals. Inherent and unreliable bias is removed so qualified candidates that may have been overlooked are surfaced.

A Powerful Tool for High Volume Hiring.

Today’s labor market can’t be approached with old talent acquisition strategies. With 65% of companies reporting high-volume recruitment needs, competition for talent is high and organizations require better and faster ways to screen and hire a large number of candidates. To learn more about how the XBL High Volume Assessment Platform can transform your screening and hiring process, click here or sign up for a demo today.