Remote Hiring in a Hurry? You Don’t Need to Sacrifice Quality and Best Fit.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed so many aspects of daily life, including dramatically shifting the way Americans shop. This has many businesses scrambling to rapidly adjust to the new reality. With many retailers shutting down, consumers continue to require items from pharmacies, grocery stores, take-out restaurants and other essential goods. For many industries, there is a pressing need to hire more workers and fast. 

In sectors such as, shipping and delivery, online learning, grocery and delivery services, and remote meeting and communications companies, high volume hiring is paramount. However, these businesses face an added challenge of doing so remotely, often with no personal contact due to the coronavirus.

Avoid the Pitfalls.

As the number of unemployed American workers is the highest we’ve seen in decades, employers who are hiring will inevitably face an enormous and overwhelming pile of resumes. Unfortunately, this often results in companies making premature, quick decisions typically based only on the job application. In fact, research shows that the average recruiter spends just six seconds on each resume they receive. The end results? The company hires the wrong person and the cycle of turnover begins all over again. 

Simply put, you don’t need more candidates, you need better ones. You need practical and effective ways to find and hire the right talent, the first time, and fast. Whether talent assessments have or haven’t been on your radar, for HR leaders faced with rapid, remote hiring of high volumes of talent, they should be. Much of high-volume hiring is focused on finding qualified frontline employees – often the first and/or only connection with the customer. 

Why Assessments Make Unique Business Sense for Todays Unique Hiring Environment

Effective Tool for High-Volume, Remote Hiring.

Fortunately, there is an effective means available to companies with a need to hire quickly and remotely without sacrificing quality and best fit. For example, XBInsights’ innovative, automated assessment platform, XBL, can solve the many challenges that hiring employers face in today’s environment. XBL is specifically designed for high-volume recruiting by delivering objective, science-backed data so recruiters can focus only on best-fit candidates equipped to do the job today. Unlike typical selection tools that test personality or risk behavior, XBL is an assessment of competencies and critical thinking skills in one easy-to-administer, automated tool. 

Capable of being customized to any industry or job type, this scalable assessment solution allows recruiters to send candidates a tailored assessment to complete – at any time, day or night. Recruiters will then receive an easy-to-interpret report that precisely identifies the best qualified candidates, requiring no training or analysis before making better hiring decisions. Hiring becomes better, faster, and cheaper because recruiters are only investing time on the right candidates for the position.

New Hiring Environment Requires New Approach.

For companies faced with a sudden need to hire more workers to adapt to today’s unique environment, time-to-fill is critical – especially for customer facing and revenue generating jobs. While arguably, these positions are vital to increasing the bottom line. Hiring the wrong people and adding more work for recruiters and managers can derail your best efforts. Talent assessments can greatly reduce the time-to-fill metric while increasing the quality and best-fit candidates. 

To learn more, download our white paper, Why Talent Assessments Make Sense for High-Volume Recruiting, or contact us about our automated assesment platform, XBL.