The XBInsight Assessment Advantage

Selecting a high performing, profitable workforce is a significant challenge. When it’s done right, the gains are considerable because in our people lie most of our dollars. By selecting employees who have the right competencies and other attributes required for the job, organizations can build a high performance workforce capable of sustaining future growth.

The XB Assessment Platform is designed just for this purpose. It measures the cognitive abilities, competencies, and other characteristics required for successful performance in a wide variety of industries and job families. It also develops your workforce by clarifying the strengths and areas of development to further employee growth, aid in succession planning and identify viable career paths. Unlike other selection tools, it offers a way to align organizational goals and with the company culture. It’s not enough today to have the right skills and abilities. Top employees also must demonstrate the right fit with organizational culture, mission and values. In other words, top employees exemplify your brand. The XB Assessment Platform evaluates this fit by examining values and motivations. Further it provides a valid assessment of behavioral style, which has important implications for employee management and team effectiveness.

The XB Assessment Platform has been statistically proven to identify top performers, leading to:Statistically proven to identify top performers

  • Increased Productivity
  • Higher Quality Work
  • Reduced Training Time
  • Higher Retention
  • Higher Job Satisfaction

All of these factors contribute to higher profitability for companies. The tool’s strength comes from critical steps in the process that was used to develop it.

The steps involved in its development and validation include:

  • Extensive job analysis across a variety of jobs and industries
  • Leveraging scientific research across the disciplines of psychology on competencies, values, behavioral styles and cognitive ability
  • Incorporating best practices in data reporting and management
  • Peer review item writing with pilot testing
  • Multiple validation studies across industries
  • Documented validation in compliance with professional and legal guidelines

It’s not enough to show an impressive return on investment or bottom line. The use of an employee selection tool must also comply with professional and legal requirements in order to minimize risk (APA Standards, SIOP Principles, EEOC Guidelines). The XB Assessment Platform complies with all of the important professional and legal requirements. Evidence of criterion validity and content validity gathered by Ph.D’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology has been demonstrated across a variety of jobs and industries. Content validity assures you that the test is strongly related to real work settings and requirements.

All high quality tests should have the characteristics that the XB Assessment Platform provides:

  • Validity
  • Reliability
  • Thoroughness
  • Objective Scoring
  • Accuracy
  • Easy Interpretation
  • Simple Administration
  • Customization of Competencies

Because the XB Assessment Platform is so thorough and offers a variety of reporting styles, it has captured best practices in reporting results for 5 major human resource needs:

  • Selection
  • Promotion
  • Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Identification of Training Needs

We can calculate the potential ROI unique to your organization to further demonstrate the value of using the XB Assessment Platform. For more information on our system, click here.



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