Patrick J. Duffy, Vice President, General Manager

XBInsight has provided tremendous amounts of training and support systems to allow us to continue to grow and get better at all things we do in our market space during this time.

We have found their training really to be curtailed to all of our needs. They’re very flexible in their approach with us and I really found them to gain a tremendous amount of insight into us as a corporation as well as our industry. Together that has really helped us to succeed in a very very competitive market space.

The DISC Assessment for us has proven to be quite valuable as we’re bringing new employees on and having them gain a better understanding of themselves and how they act with fellow employees as well as customers.

We’ve seen the assessment program really take on a life of its own over the years because in the beginning I’ll tell you they were a bit uncomfortable (the sales staff), they felt as though they were being analyzed and we’ve turned that process into something they’ve really come to be quite comfortable with and utilize it as a tool to better understand how to communicate with their customers and understand how customers like to be communicated with.

What this has done is allow us to really coach the teams through the process and have them gain better insights into the customers and the customers’ needs.

What’s really helped evolve the process is that the staff at XB are really engaging and really provide a welcoming environment to all of the people that are involved in their programs. It just makes for the learning process to be much simpler and that much more convenient really for those that are involved in it.

What XB has done over time is to really get to understand the employees, who the teams are and what they’re all about. XB tries to understand the strengths and weaknesses so that they can tailor their programs specifically around our needs and make them comfortable in an environment for training and learning.

We’ve utilized their assessment for onboarding and what it’s done is allow them to then coach us through the strengths and weaknesses. It helps us to really understand just are they a good fit? And if so, why and then also if a not necessarily a good fit why not and in going through that process that’s allowed us to really make sure that we’re focusing on the best ways to get all we possibly can out of those employees as well as we’re bringing them on.

What XB has done over the years and what I’ve really come to take away as most valuable for us is that they really try to curtail the program around the client and understanding their needs. I don’t ever feel as though they’re coming to me with just a canned approach to solve any issues or challenges that we might have.

They spend a fair amount of time talking to the client, talking to me specifically about what we might have going on with the challenges in the industry or the market and then ask us specifically what it is that we feel we might need. Through those conversations they help to really focus on just what the best approach might be to try to solve for those needs and for the new challenges.

As we all know we’re in a new age and there’s a lot of new things coming at us today and a lot of firsts. We’re learning to try to manage through this economy and this environment for the first time and so I think having someone like XB to help us walk through that as a company is really going to help us as we continue to move forward.