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  • The Fit Factor in Employee Disengagement February 19, 2020
    Nearly 30% of employees aren’t engaged at work, and some of those are actively disengaged – meaning they intentionally damage what others have built. While the cost of disengagement can be as much as 34% of an employee’s salary, it also impacts your ability to attract top talent, voluntary turnover rates, stress and low morale […]
  • Why You Should Blur the Line Between HR and L&D February 11, 2020
    With an ever-increasing demand for skilled workers in America, to the tune of 7 million open jobs, it is evident we lack the talent supply to meet current hiring needs across most sectors. A massive skills gap is projected to leave an estimated 2.4 million positions unfilled between 2018 and 2028, with a potential economic […]
  • 5 Top Benefits of HR Predictive Analytics February 4, 2020
    The growing technological capabilities to capture, track and measure talent-related data have presented tremendous opportunities to better combine the scientific and the human aspect of HR to build a workforce that is efficient and high performing. In fact, a report by Oracle revealed that HR uses analytics more than any other vertical, outdoing even finance. […]
  • What's Missing From Today's Executive Onboarding Program January 23, 2020
    According to a new global study, the majority of U.S. executives received no formal workplace onboarding in their most recent roles. Furthermore, when it comes to grading onboarding experiences on a scale of 1 to 100, executives in the U.S. rate theirs as mediocre with an average score of 59. After investing heavily in recruiting […]
  • Two Critical Factors in the Effective Use of Talent Assessments January 15, 2020
    More and more of the world’s leading organizations are utilizing talent assessments to better inform hiring decisions and drive more effective employee development. In fact, 82% of companies are using some form of skill assessment tests today. There is little doubt that the use of talent assessments in the hiring and development process will continue […]
  • It's a New Decade, Has Your Hiring Strategy Evolved? January 3, 2020
    As we enter a brand-new decade, what better time to evolve your hiring practices and strategy to meet the new requirements of the modern day? The fact is businesses have never done as much hiring as they do today or spent as much money doing it. Yet, most aren't doing as good of a job […]