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  • Making Leadership Development a Priority in an Ever-evolving Healthcare Environment October 30, 2018
    Leading Courageously and Bringing Others Along Optimizing leadership skills and building a deep pipeline of executive-ready talent is more critical than ever, given a fast-and-ever-evolving healthcare environment. With the introduction of new laws, regulations, care coordination, and payment models, new leadership styles need to be implemented to effectively lead and manage in the new paradigm. […]
  • The Solution to Talent Shortages Facing Life Sciences Companies April 6, 2018
    A recent study highlights a pervasive challenge facing the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, and that is a lack of talent. The study found that 51 percent of CEOs of life sciences and pharma companies admit to greater difficulties attracting and retaining the right people, more than any other industry in the study.   In […]
  • Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company Case Study: Assessment-Based Succession Plan Improves Turnover in Key Scientist Role February 16, 2018
    The Challenge     High turnover in a key scientist role was plaguing this Fortune 500 multinational pharmaceutical company, greatly hindering productivity and advancements in this critical function.     The Preparation  In order to address this problem, XBInsight identified the need for a robust succession plan that included: Creating a benchmark for the next level […]
  • Increase Innovative Thinking in Your Executive Team Today January 23, 2018
    Innovation is critical in a knowledge economy — driving growth, new products, and new methods of delivering value to customers. According to PwC’s 2015 study on Global Innovation, U.S. companies spend $145 billion dollars in-country on R&D each year. And yet, despite its importance, innovation is a difficult quality to cultivate both in leaders and in […]
  • Take action on your New Years workplace resolutions - learn how to become an effective change agent in 2018 January 9, 2018
    The rules and requirements to remain competitive in today's marketplace are evolving so rapidly hat leadership is struggling to stay ahead of the course. While change used to be slow and incremental, organizations today face a whole new breed of change – one that is fast, disruptive, and unpredictable. As such, businesses are acutely aware […]
  • The Four Fundamental Aspects to Measure When Assessing Talent July 18, 2017
    Imagine the consequences of not assessing someone seeking to join the police force, or someone aiming to join an airline as a pilot. Seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? While the impact of hiring the wrong person in those roles can be dire, the consequences of not assessing job candidates and employees in less complex jobs are […]