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  • How Agile is Your Organization? June 20, 2019
    If the “gig economy” was the hottest trend in 2018, it’s fair to say “agile” is taking its place in 2019. The fact is, the term “agile” can mean a lot of things these days – from operating within an Agile Framework, flattening the organizational chart to integrating gig workers and other non-traditional talent pools […]
  • What Change Agents Value at Work May 14, 2019
    When it comes to change management, half the battle is making sure you have the right leaders in place. And that means looking carefully at their competencies, behavioral styles, and values. To help with that challenge, my colleagues and I have created a change-agent profile. In our work assessing people for the right job fit, […]
  • Best Practices for Boards March 26, 2019
    In our latest comprehensive guide, Best Practices for Boards, we provide insights and recommendations for corporate board governance. Whether you are a private, public, or non-profit board, Best Practices for Boards has extensive resources to enhance the effectiveness of your board. Our guide also contains information on the following areas...
  • Don’t Rely on Luck When Building Your Executive Team March 13, 2019
    St. Patrick’s Day heralds in a time of celebration, parades and for many, the hope of attaining the “luck of the Irish” – a phrase commonly thought to mean “extreme good fortune.” However, it originated during the gold and silver rush years in the 19th century and referred to Irish and Irish American’s who were […]
  • The Best Gift for Executives? Feedback February 19, 2019
    The best gift you can give your executives who may appear to “have everything” is the gift of feedback. Chances are, they don’t have it.In my experience, most executives don’t receive feedback because it’s a hard gift to give. After all, executives tend to be successful, smart and confident people. And they're in positions of […]
  • A Better Way to Staff Your Staffing Firm February 5, 2019
    As a leader in the staffing sector, you know all too well the importance of finding the best-fit hires for your clients. But, what about your own staff? Does your staffing firm believe having high turnover of recruiters and professional staff is just “part of the business?”