What would you do if a key executive declared their independence?


What would you do if a key executive declared their independence? If one of your company’s key executives resigns tomorrow, would you be prepared? 

While no one wants to be caught off guard by a key leadership change or departure, many of today’s companies are limited in the extent to which they execute on best practices for succession planning. Perhaps it is the fact that, with finite resources and ongoing demands for business results right now, companies often push succession planning to the back burner. Are leaders missing important information about their own readiness –and what benefits come near-term from putting the right approach in place for the future?

We have assessed organizations’ succession planning efforts and summarized the findings in our guide, “More than a Feeling: Succession Planning with Science”. Follow this link to download the guide, and find what approaches companies are taking toward succession planning, and how to develop a stronger internal leadership pipeline in your own organization.