XBInsight’s Succession Planning Process

Utilize a scientific process with validated data by benchmarking what success looks like and identifying the critical thinking skills, culture/values of successful leaders. Download XBInsight’s succession planning guide here.

Process Overview

  1. Prioritze roles.
  2. Determine from the current executive team, impact of loss, emergency successors and who is ready now for each job.
  3. Create job profile/benchmark for each role to include necessary skills, competencies, critical thinking and values. Identify experience and talent required for role.
  4. Job profile/benchmark is created by utilizing industry data as well as input from incumbent, incumbent’s boss and SME’s (Subject Matter Experts).
  5. Identify potential internal candidates and assess against the job profile. Will net competency & cognitive scores as well as values and behavioral fit.
  6. Talent and leadership assessment administered for each participant.
  7. Leaders participate in a 90-minute coaching session to review the results of their assessment and create individual development goals.
  8. Customized gap analysis and development plan is created for each leader.
  9. High, moderate and low potential will be determined for each leader.

Contact the XBInsight team for more information on how to create a succession planning process.